Rebrand consultancy for mid-size B2B companies
(and scale-ups)
Brand strategy, vendor management, and project direction
Hi, I’m Filip Matous and my business is about constraint.

Consistent branding helps our minds to differentiate.
Saying less says more.

New vision, merger, acquisition, spin off...

transformation is when I’m involved.

I work with a maximum of 3 clients per quarter, and I offer 3 things:

for mid-size B2B

Full Service Rebrand

Over two years, I’ll take you from diagnosis and strategy, to assembling and directing an external team for creative execution.

Then, I’ll prepare your team to take over after the launch campaign.
for mid-size B2B and scale-ups

90 Day Strategy

Rebrand direction with process, budgets, and timings—and creative briefs for vendors.

You need this before branding.
Drop me a line
for scale-ups

90 Day Catalyst

The rebrand essentials:
Position, Story, Logo, and Style.

After product/market fit, when you have a strategy and need branding.
Drop me a line

Introducing AIDA Studio

Independent. Remote. An agency alternative

that benefits from two trends:
 ︎Self-employed talent is up
Companies are decreasing overheads using external teams—reimagining who they need in-house.
 Optimal team size is down
Technology keeps improving remote collaboration. Most specialists deliver their role in one or two days a week.

I also help with wider vendor management

and sync with your leadership, directing the creative assembly line to launch on deadline and budget.

I deliver simplicity—with detail

People don’t remember much about us, so we need sticky, repeatable stories.
Check out my vlog on B2B branding fundamentals.
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If you want to discuss how

the little things
make the big things

let’s have a 30 minute call.

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Rebrand consultancy for mid-size B2B companies (and scale-ups)