How we work together

Full Service Rebrand



full rebrand: 2 years avg.
brand refresh: 1 year avg.

positioning, brand identity
£25k+ per 90 day project

Pitches + Website:
£50k+ every 90 days

90 Day Position + Plan

learn your vision + business strategy

sync w/ senior leaders & workshop

competitor research + share of voice

estimate budgets, speed, quality


creative brief

90 Day Catalyst

translate your vision into 
simple brand identity

switch from consultancy 
→ AIDA Studio collective

tighten the roadmap, 
budgets, and vendors
· story
· logo
· style
· message

brand book

vendor briefs

Website + Assets; avg. 12 months

direct creative assembly

source and manage wider website and content vendors

support your marketing and sales / RevOps teams

support your talent acquisition & retention
· information architecture
· design + manage development
· video(s) + copy + illustrations

GTM assets:
· L2 stories
· messaging
· collateral
· social guidance

launch brief

Launch → Brand Building → Succession

distribute new brand assets

link brand building to pipeline 
and revenue w/ AIDA framework:
· Attention: ↑ share of voice
· Interest: engage out-of-market
· Desire: convert in-market
· Action: ↑ revenue + expand accounts

Prepare for succession w/ internal
team (ongoing vendors remain)
internal launch:
· employee event support
· intranet content

external launch: 
· new website go-live
· announcement video
· press vendor direction
· paid vendor direction
· social content creation

what we’ll do

learn your business strategy

define project constraints
(cost, speed, quality)

what you'll get

strategy brief

what we’ll do

translate your vision into phases

competitor research
(plus qual/quant vendor?)

roadmap, budgets, vendor needs

decide AIDA funnel KPIs
Attention: channels + promo
Interest: core brand content
Desire: engagement levels
Action: ex. leads, job applicants

what you'll get

rebrand strategy

brand position

creative brief

what we’ll do

switch from consultancy to AIDA Studio collective

help source and negotiate with wider vendors

integrate into your marketing and sales / RevOps teams

direct creative assembly line

what you'll get

brand story

brand identity

launch brief

what we’ll do

implement new brand assets

what you'll get

internal launch: employee comms, launch event video

external launch: press, video, account based marketing

90 Day Position + Plan

For scale-ups or mid-size

Budget: £25k+
Rebrand strategy w/ market landscape, budgets, and timings⏤plus a creative brief for asset creation.

You need this before branding.

90 Day Catalyst

For scale-ups
Budget: £25k+

After you have:
  • a position + plan
  • product/market fit
  • market research
The rebrand essentials:
Story, Logo, Style, and Message.

When you have a clear position and are ready to create the core brand identity⏤with a systematic, sticky approach.

I deliver simplicity—with detail

People don’t remember much about us, so we need sticky, repeatable stories.
Check out my vlog on B2B branding fundamentals.
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