Simplicity—B2B Rebranding Essentials

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This is the first of my 5 part series that covers the b2b rebrand process, breaking down the fundamental components and conflicts to landing an identity that matches where you’re going.

Part one is about why sticky b2b branding is all about reduction.

Creating a simple, *memorable* brand identity to suit your business vision isn’t easy. Getting to that sophistication is complex and often emotional. You need to gather many good ideas to then chop off most of them to focus the core story.

But it’s worth it because these little things make the big things.

Simplicity Sells

0:00 Brand + Vision Alignment
0:46 ⚡️ Example Creative Direction
1:55 The 4 Brand Essentials: Position • Story • Logo • Style
2:38 Brand Identity Process

Next up:

Mildly entertaining rebranding frameworks to share with your team.
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