Thanks for buying the book!

First off, thank you for spending some of your time on How To Get Your Website Noticed.

Since publishing my book in 2016, and then releasing it on Audible, Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz was relicensed and it’s not public domain anymore—so I made a summary video + PDF worksheet here.

If you are here for the competitor research video, it has significantly evolved and sadly many of the tools I used no longer exist or have become very expensive. Data privacy in 2022 is totally different too (I think this is a good thing, even as a marketer!).

I still lead website builds and consider traffic sources (mostly to match vendors for clients), but my focus over the years has narrowed to rebranding… with website builds coming after the brand identity. If that topic interests you, have a look at my vlog page as I put quite a bit of effort into explaining the different parts of rebranding.